Video: Sucks Theme Effects from Jin Hao – Nokia N8 – Symbian Belle – Download Now

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JinHao is famous for creating and mixing Theme effects and creating super cool theme effect videos. He has contributed many theme effects for Symbian Belle, most of them are available for download over here. Recently he has released Sucks Theme Effects. You can watch the video after the break.

Its worth noting that you must have a jailbroken / hacked / unlocked Symbian Belle Smart Phone via Norton Hack to explore the hidden talents of your Nokia N8. N8 Fan Club has created user friendly guide to enable theme effects on your smart phone. These effects are now available for download.

Click below to download

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  • δημητρης

    give as the link..

  • δημητρης

    this theme is the best bravo jinhow

  • ibram as cloud9

    i cant wait

  • Hasitha Tharinda

    Super :) …but y he called it sucks when it looks awesome…?

  • δημητρης

    the jin hao crate very nice effects the only problem of the themes is on homescreen of belle when you go of one screen to another .

  • Ashish Thanki

    In above video which app is used to unlock the phone?

  • count_duckula

    where is my comment?

  • 2strange

    Great. Runs perfect. I love his work.