Videos: Awesome Theme Effects for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – JinHao Gwiyomi Effects Updated

Some of the exceptionally awesome custom theme effects are being running on Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle. The user JinHao has recently uploaded Jinhao Gwiyomi Effects. (The download package contains effects for Belle Refresh FP1 & Belle FP2). These videos to show off the capabilities of super awesome Nokia N8. Watch the videos below and you’ll definitely like them by hitting the like button on the post.

Jinhao Gwiyomi Theme Effects

Jinhao Final Theme Effects

Jin Hao Meteor  Effects

Jin Hao The Amazing Effects

Jin Hao nOOb Effects

Jin Hao Effects v1

Jin Hao Effects v2 (New and Improved)


Jin Hao Effects v3

Jin Hao Effects v4

Jin Hao Effects v5
 Jin Hao Effects v6 (Swifty Effects)

We have tested these awesome effects and as we promised for the detailed tutorial guide, how to enable super awesome theme effects on your Symbian Anna / Belle Smart Phone(s) [N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7, 500, 701, 700, 603] we just published the tutorial. All credit goes to JinHao for sharing these custom theme effects with all Nokia N8 lovers. 🙂

Update: JinHao – Gwiyomi Theme Effects!


Follow this step by step tutorial guide to enable these theme effects on your Smart Phone with Symbian Anna / Belle.

N8FanClub.com_Jinhao Gwiyomi – Mirrors: 1, 2, 3
N8FanClub.com_Jin Hao V6 Swift

N8FanClub.com_Jin Hao V6 Swift


  • Very Very THANKS.. It’s good work in my C6-01. This apps new look to my phone.

  • Very very THANKS.. It’s good work in my C6-01. This apps new look to my phone.

  • Awesome effects… 😀
    Finally working on my nokia 701 (V.609)
    simply WAAAOOOOOWWWWW… 🙂

  • a problem:
    sometimes Phone Hangs when person on the other side disconnects d call… Dont know y…
    After deleting d effects n unistslling d base pkg,problem is solved…
    Anyone else observed ds problem???

  • i observed one thing… It tends to hang d fon,when a call is made/recieved for longer period of tym.. Anyone else observed this thing??

    • i too have a 701 can u plez help me do the effects

  • mix of all..
    the best of all

  • does it work on anna too?

  • I need software them effecet i use nokia n8 ?Can u help me?

  • hey guys can you help me for where can i move those effect please reply me path

    • jmk

      mass memory- root folder

  • jmk

    wow….super theme effects., and touch sensitivity is also good now.thanks brother..i love these themes..

  • awesome effects , love them all , but now they dont work after i rereshed my c7 with the latest refresh from nokia yesterday ,plz guys help me what to do ???

  • working on my n8 anna thnx to admin jinhao

  • Admin plz help.

    I followed the above guide and apllied the custom theme effects, but I face problem of Black Screen.
    Usually when I press the Menu Button in my 701 FP2, I get black screen, then again I need to press the Menu Button for long time for Multitasking View to appear and then the Black Screen goes off. This is really annoying,

    otherwise the Effects are Superb, means 10/10

  • Sujay Sindphalkar

    Awesome buddy… You rock… I m using N8 after three years and ur themes made my N8 evergreen.
    I have one question, did u used any another app for unlocking your device?