How to Flash Dead Nokia N8 with Phoenix via Dead USB Mode? – Video Tutorial Guide

Dead USB Mode Flashing for Nokia N8 via Phoenix

What if your Nokia N8 becomes Dead after trying to flash a custom firmware via Phoenix? Don’t worry still you can recover back using Dead USB mode in Phoenix. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1. The procedure is the same for flashing Dead phones.
2. Download & Install Phoenix from here: N8FanClub.com_PSS_2012.04.003.47798.exe


3. Connect your phone with USB Cable [phone must be off at this time].

4. Click File>Open Product. Type in RM-596 (For Nokia N8) code from the window that appears. Click OK.
5. Click File> Manage Connections. Select No Connection. Then APPLY and CLOSE.
6. Now straight away click Flashing>Firmware Update.
7. A window will open. Click on Browse button [the one with 3 dots].
8. A window will open with various products and various regions. Choose the region or country of your choice according to the language pack you want to install.
9. Check the option “Dead Phone USB Flashing”.
10. Click Refurbish.
11. Flashing has started.
12. After some seconds flashing will pause asking you to turn your phone ON.
13. Press POWER button of your phone until backlight comes up.
14. Flashing will proceed.
15. Your phone will automatically start when the flashing finishes. After finish you can safely remove your data cable from handset.

  • Can I flash my dead nokia 603 in the same way??
    What is the RM Code??

  • thanks admin,i really appreciate your hardwork for our symbian smart phones

  • Aljuzslee

    hi please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my n8 was dead

  • Hola! por favor ayuda con mi n8. cuando flasheaba mi n8 con phoenix, tuve en error en windows 7, y murio mi n8 y mi wondows 7, re instale windows 7, pero ahora no me detecta mi n8 muerto. comienza a instalar los controladores nokia usb, y cuando esta por terminar me da error, no puede instlar dispositivo. el problema es que si intento revivir mi n8 con pheonix dead phone, no hay modo de que reconoceca. me presenta error:

     HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.

    Hello! please help with my n8. when my n8 with phoenix flasheaba, I had an error in windows 7, and my n8 died and my wondows 7, re install windows 7, but now I do not detect my n8 dead. begins installing nokia usb drivers, and when this fails to finish I can not instlar device. the problem is that if I try to revive my n8 phone with pheonix dead, there is no way that reconoceca. shows me error:

      HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.

    • Keep on trying, and please make sure to check in different modes of flashing, i.e: Refurbish / Software Reset

  • Roozbeh

    i have the same problem, did you find the solution for this problem?

    • Farax Xaraf

      dont use refurbish, use update software option

  • Ground Silence

    how can i recover corrupted imei, after i flash my n8 to 1514 ther any solutions,pls comment thanks,

    • Never encountered such an error, you must contact Nokia Care in this regard.

  • Ivan

    I have a problem too wh i try to flash my nokia N8> I follow all the stepps and at the en it tells me Waiting for communication response: 25 and when i goes to 0 i tells me to disconnect mu usb and reconnect it i do it and nothing. PLS help me!!!

  • Ivan

    Please help me i have a problem with reviving my nokia n8. Ok i star just as the video says i am from Bulgaria so i understand everything but when it gets to the end it says Waiting for communication response: 25 and when it hiys 0 the proces starts all over again bu the i cancle the revive and turned on my phone it stucks at white nokia screen pls help


    Admin i got a problem in my nokia N8. My N8 beeps continuously as i turn it on and after security nothing appears expect battery indicator. and it connects in mass storage with laptop. but is there a way that i can connect it using nokia suite mode because i wanna recover messages. Thanks In Advance.

  • Papadakis Charis

    hello there. i have a problem with my nokia N8.0 i push the on/off button the screen starts with nokia logo with sound and after that nothing … the phone dont respond … is locked with screen code and sim pin but dont open. Could you give me the link to download phoenix program…?!