Asphalt 5 1.1.8 HD for Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Signed Game Download

Get in, start up and punch it in the fastest dream cars ever created by some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing behind the wheel is here! Stop dreaming and get in! THERE’S A DREAM CAR FOR YOU Take a ride in over 30 of the fastest, most prestigious cars you’ve ever dreamed of, from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati. THE WORLD IS YOUR RACETRACK Highly polished HD graphics let you see every detail and animation of the track as you speed over snow, mud, dirt and more in 12 beautiful locations around the world including St. Tropez, Aspen and Las Vegas.


Discover hidden shortcuts and jump off ramps! NEW WAYS TO PLAY Challenge yourself to 8 different racing events including Drift Contest, Cop Chase, Time Attack, Duel Mode, Last Man Standing and Escape.



  • hey people 😀 what you are mean with: […] avaiable soon. ^^
    soon like 1-2 hours or 1-2 days ^^

  • Valle, Link has been posted… 🙂

  • whn i am trying to instal game in my new nokia n8 it shows installation faild error code 2153775105
    what to do pls help me

  • Is this strictly a Symbian^3 game or will it work on the likes of the i8910? I just wanted to know before I downloaded thanks.

    Oh and by the way this site is fantastic, keep up the great work!

  • Hey Thomas, I have just tested it on Nokia N8 and it works like a charm. You can try installing this on your i8910 … Do share your experience with us.

  • Hi thanks for the reply,

    I’m sorry to say that the application goes through almost the entire install process only to finish with “Unable to Install”. Thank you kindly for the link anyway.

    Take care

  • hi its starting installation but its not completing it results in ‘unable to install’

  • at the end of installation it says ”unable to install” why? (my phone is hacked and installs unsigned apps)

  • محمد المجعاوى

    lag a lot on n8