Shots Taken By N8 12MP CAM

Here are the pictures that show the capability of the Nokia N8′s powerful 12 Mega Pixel camera. Check out the focus and crystal clear quality of the photos captured by Nokia N8. These photos are provided by Nokia. We’re expecting some more quality pictures soon as Nokia announces more improvements in its software.
Please click on the thumbnails below, it will load the full picture.


  • Megamark

    shop wiki ??? where pictures

  • Spouynjkhjk

    how the hell you take pictures like this? closup pictures? i have n8 but i dont know how to capture these type of images 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 teach me

  • Riju Michael

    Guys check my recent shot with N8…

    Do post your comments….

    [Compressed the image to 50% for attaching here]

    • Amazing click 🙂 Keep coming with more shots like this!!

      • Riju Michael