18 Popular Custom Mods and 73 Custom Fonts for Nokia N8 and other Belle Smartphones – Download & Tutorial

Here are some of the custom mods & custom fonts available for Nokia N8 and other Symbian Belle smartphones which Saurabh has combined together in one place along with the procedure to install them. Download package contains total 18 mods (10 Manual Mods, files need to be placed manually, while 8 sis installation mods) plus […]

New Music Equalizer Presets by ai3 – Nokia N8 – Custom Mod Download

ai3 has created custom music equalizer mods for Symbian Belle Smart Phones. These mods are Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle / Refresh / FP1 / FP2 OS. Your phone must be unlocked / jailbroken in order to install this mod on your device. DownloadN8FanClub.com_13 equalizer mod belle refresh fp1 fp2 by ai3_unsigned.sisN8FanClub.com_13 equalizer […]