Nokia To Get A New Life In 2016 With Android?

Stephen Elop, then Nokia CEO, famously said that the Android OS didn’t offer the company a sufficient opportunity for differentiation in the global smartphone marketplace. Accordingly Nokia exclusively adopted the Windows mobile OS instead.

As we know the company didn’t have much success with its Windows-based Lumia smartphones and sold that division to Microsoft. Elop went back at his old employer (Microsoft) and Nokia exited the smartphone business.

However as we previously discussed and as Re/code is reporting now, the company is coming back as a mobile hardware brand. This time, however, the model is brand licensing, with the relatively Successful Nokia N1 Android Tablet as the template. Last fall Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said that Nokia would be licensing its brand to third parties as a way to get back into the devices market.

Short-lived Nokia X Android phone

In addition to a statement that Nokia is working on virtual reality, the relatively new information in the Re/code report is that Nokia smartphones will be coming to market in 2016 after the Microsoft non-compete expires. And these Nokia smartphones are certain to be Android handsets.

For a very brief time earlier this year Nokia released the Android-based Nokia X, X+ and XL (image above). These handsets were reportedly in development before the Microsoft acquisition. Before they could prove themselves or fail Microsoft decided to discontinue the lower-end smartphones.

While the market is no less competitive today than two years ago, these new Nokia devices will give us an opportunity to see what might have happened if the company had originally elected to develop Android phones instead of striking an exclusive OS deal with Microsoft.

  • Rudy Pineda

    Android will not Help Nokia at least in the flag ship department. Htc, Motorola, LG . are not making any money off this Os . It’s market is on Samsung. every one will buy a Samsung android phone. Any other cheap android will go to the Chinese cheap Android device. What Nokia needs Is to go back to it’s roots and innovation it once held like it’s future device Meego was the answer at one time. And Symbian would be the other.Symbian is now behind just because it stopped in 2012. but if it would of never stopped it would be right next to ios. Just like BB10. You can not deny,that BB10 passport is up to speed with the very common popular 2 of today.

  • Adrian Lew

    Stephen Elop was not smart and put Nokias name in the Trash.. maybe for some money deals for him??

    With Android Nokia would be as powerful as Apple ! I just dumped my Nokia 1020 running on windows in the trash, and went back to Nokia 808

    I hope Elop has to sell sugar water for the rest of his….

    • Keith Dashwood

      Can I ask how you get on with Symbian these days. I asm thinking of purchaseing a nokia n8 as growing tired of android. What are your thoughts?

      • Nokia N8 is still one of the best phone, if you do not need web browsing or internet usage in excess. Its a great multimedia device with features such as 12MP Cam with Xenon Flash, 16GB Storage Expandable with SD Card, FM Transmitter and a solid build quality. Battery timing for phone is around 3 – 4 days on normal usage. Music is awesome on the device. You can *<a href=" “>Order your brand new Nokia N8* here.

  • Adrian Lew

    nokias only chance is to create a android based phone, with amazing camera and no user limitations like apple have.. Samsung is following apple now with non removable batteries.. Just create a phone for business with great camera. Nokia showed the power with Nokia 808 and Nokia 1020. Those phones have amazing hardware

  • Elias Martinez

    Nokia need get back to games JAR xD

    • Elias Martinez

      And optional physic keyboard