Top File Manager Applications for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones – Download

Best File Manager Applications for Nokia N8 & other Belle Smartphones - Download

File Management is one of the most popular feature for Symbian smartphones. Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones do have basic file manager application. But there are certain limitations on that default file manager, for instance you cannot send files with protected extensions, though there are tweaks to handle these tasks, like you can rename the file extension or you can apply custom mods that enable sending the files without any restrictions.
You cannot access restricted system folders like “PRIVATE, SYS & Resource” with default file manager. (Even Open4All patch needs to be enabled from ROM Patcher to access / modify protected system folders with 3rd party file managers.) Third party file managers are more advanced & they offer pretty great functions eliminating the limitations and you are free in many aspects. N8 Fan Club has made a collection of Best File Managers for your Nokia N8. (You can use them on any Symbian Smartphone)

Top File Manager Applications for Nokia N8 (X-plore Alternatives)

    • Ed_Luva

      Is there a version of this app for the Nomia N9 (Meego)? Puh-leeeze port it and place an [ANNOUCMENT] message on maemo(dot)org! Thanks.

    • Dan

      This may be a stupid question, but does this allow you to use the wp8 apps?

      • Sorry, this app only emulates the WP-8 user interface, it won’t be able to run WP-8 Apps.

        • Dan

           ok thank you for the quick reply