Symbian Belle v111.030.0609 – Nokia N8 – Fixed by Upakul and Danny – Step by Step Flashing Tutorial Guide

Symbian Belle’s latest release v111.030.0609 (Hacked Firmware – Fixed by Upakul and Danny) with completely new widgets is now available for Nokia N8. Its completely awesome with a user interface similar to that of Android. Before you start following this tutorial, we recommend you to have a look at some videos of Nokia N8 running on leaked Symbian Belle and explore the Screen Shots captured on Symbian Belle on Nokia N8.

Taylor released Nokia N8 Symbian Belle RC 111.030.0609. But he couldn’t release the original files. He stated that Nokia didn’t allow him. Many users were demanding Original RC Belle 111.030.0609 without customizations. So Upakul has cleaned Taylor’s rofs2,core and rofs3 and uda and REMOVED all customizations and fixed it back to original.  All mods are removed and all CFW materials are replaced with original Belle files.

Changelog from previous Belle:
Nokia Store and Nokia Maps Working
Photo And Video Editor Working

– New RC Belle 111.030.0609
All new Widgets
– Rename applications in menu (Just hold down any app in menu and you can see rename option which wasn’t there before)
– Removed CFW Customizations present in Taylor’s release
– Added back all original Belle ringtones and wallpapers (in case if you don’t see the wallpapers in gallery, you can get them in Z:\data\images)
– Original Belle effects re-added
– Original Belle theme restored – Nokia Evolve

Few Customizations are present which I think is really important for anyone:

1. Installserver in Z
2. Effects used are original Belle but you can easily switch effects by placing new effects in “C:\resource\effects\” and restarting your device.

Important Note:  All Original Ringtones, Wallpapers and Deleted Apps Installers are available inside the firmware download package below, if you need them, you can install them one by one.

How to Flash Symbian Belle v111.030.0609 on Nokia N8

2. Download RM-596_N8_111.030.0609_Symbian_Belle_Upakul_Rox_Danny.rar from here. (Note that its a hacked firmware, you are not required to hack your phone using Norton Hack)

3. Note that Your phone doesn’t need to be on Symbian Anna, it could be even on PR 1.0.

4. Make sure you have placed the above firmware files in folder path:
C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-596
(If RM-596 folder doesn’t exist, you need to create that manually)

5. Now connect your Nokia N8 in Ovi Suite Mode with USB cable and run Phoenix

6. Goto File and hit Scan Product (wait for some time)

7. Proceed to Flashing and hit Firmware update.

8. Select the firmware product code with three dots (…) (Its euro3_dg) and click OK. (Don’t worry for the product code, it can be any one)

Click to enlarge
9. Hit the options button and DELETE LAST TWO RED FILES namely:

  • RM596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.161.fpsx
  • RM-596_M005.50.emmc.fpsx
    And HIT OK
Click to enlarge

10. Now Click on REFURBISH button. The flashing process would start and might ask you to disconnect USB cable and connect it again and slightly push the power button on N8 to initiate flashing Symbian Belle Firmware. Flashing would hardly take 3 – 5 minutes on an average PC. Enjoy the latest release of Symbian Belle v111.030.0609 on your Nokia N8. (The flashing process is similar for every Symbian^3 Device, however you cannot use one device firmware on any other device)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I downgrade this firmware?
A: Yes you can downgrade using this downgrade tutorial over here.

Q: My Nokia N8 went dead after following this guide, what to do?

A: First of all, don’t worry, try to Flash your Nokia N8 in DEAD USB Mode. It will be fine.

Q: Will I need Symbian Anna Firmware on my N8 to flash Symbian Belle?
A: NO! Your Nokia N8 doesn’t need to be on ANNA Firmware. (It can be even on PR 1.0)

Q: Will updating to Belle or Downgrading from Belle to PR 1.0 erase my all data from the phone?
A: NO! You data would remain preserved, however backup of your important data is always recommended.

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  • its really awesome , pls make it available for the Nokia c7

  • hey guys. I currently run Anna v 22. Will my applications stil work if i flash to Belle? Also i bought SPB shell 3D awhile back and the site mentiond only official roms supported. Wil that still work? I really want Belle but what wud my disadvantages be, please help

  • it is advisable for you to wait until official release of belle is made.

  • Hey brother should I wait for official or is it stable so that I can install it right away just tell me asap on my n8 and my n8 should not get bricked

  • Mohit, this version isn’t that much stable, we recommend the NaviFirm’s version:

  • please help me! I got a problem in my music player, there are no music. Please help

  • please help, got problem in my music player

  • i got nokia 701 n i already got d new belle ver i.e., 111.030.0609. But i want dis version in cell. The thing is, its for n8 with RM 596. Mine is RM 774. So the question is, will it still work??

  • this software version is very bad dnt install it…bcoz u cant install ur back version …111.030.607….