Patch: How to Remove Call Recording Beep on Nokia N8 & Belle smartphones – Tutorial Guide


There exists no call recorder that is able to completely stop Recording BEEP during call recording on Nokia N8, modders and hackers have managed to develop a patch which helps to disable call recording beep. Apply the TRemoveRecTone_belle.rmp patch from ROM Patcher to eliminate the BEEP during call recording.

Requirements and Steps involved:

2. Put N8FanClub.com_TRemoveRecTone_belle.rmp inside E:/Patches (If the patches folder doesn’t exist, you have to create it manually)

3. Run ROM Patcher and apply N8FanClub.com_TRemoveRecTone_belle.rmp patch.

Now you can record the call on your Symbian Belle Smart Phone without any Call Recording BEEP! 🙂 – Works with Belle Refresh / FP1 / FP2.


  • manish

    after formatting my 808 pure-view , certification error accrued when i install rom patcher plus…..for beep less recording…. plz help

      • manish

        I’ve already used it long time back i really like this app. but today i formatted my 808 by using the code *#7370# because my mobile was performing very slow.. when i hack my phone again then safe manager installed properly but rom pathcer plus showing “certificate error contect to supplier” at installation time…plz help…

        • Please repeat the process, you might have missed some step, othee alternative is that you could go with Custom ROM.

          • manish

            I’ed repeat the process by 8- 10 times but didn’t got succeed…pl tell me about custom rom….

          • Google for Delight Custom Firmware.